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Patient-Centred Naturopathic Mental Health


A caring patient-centred approach to the evaluation and management of mental health from a naturopathic perspective.

About Me


I have focused my naturopathic medical practice on mental health for over two decades. Treatment aims to optimize mental health with nutrition, lifestyle counselling, and botanical (plant-based) medicines.

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My Patient Promise


I am  a clinician-researcher with the experience to develop practical naturopathic treatment plans based on your unique mental health needs. I also provide cost-effective psychotherapy to a select number of patients. I promise to be there for you every step of your journey. My aim is to treat you with respect, empathy, and kindness. While I might sometimes have an off day, I do my best to make every visit a positive experience. 


Evaluation and Treatment


This involves a mental status assessment, the appropriate use of laboratory testing, measurement of psychological distress using validated rating scales, diagnosis, and a collaborative treatment plan that often involves  referrals or recommendations for additional mental health services/supports. 

Mental Distress Management


Depression, ongoing mood instability, anxiety, persistent stress, and psychotic experiences are some of the most uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. Through the integration of naturopathic mental health, we should be able to lessen the overwhelm you are experiencing, to help you live life more fully with enhanced meaning and purpose. 

Affordable Psychotherapy


My approach is eclectic and draws from many different psychotherapeutic paradigms, but ultimately there is an overarching framework that holds the psychotherapy in a favourable, positive, and growth-oriented direction. Clients will be encouraged to strive towards personal growth, which should result in further opportunities to live better, to be healthier, to be more present-focused, and hopefully to have acquired a greater abundance of resiliency to handle life’s adversities. ​

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